Episode 14. Once you’ve had grub, you wanna.. Show love?

Pod Kembla 2.01

My mayne @traitism is planning his wedding, to me it seems stressful. Luckily for me I’m living vicariously through his experience and I spend my days putting photos of my cat on instagram. Me being me, we end up talking about strippers. If you haven’t recently been to thetraitist.wordpress.com go and have a look because old mate Trait has been churning out the blogs.

ALSO! We’ve got a new segment in the show called #ASKNUMSI. So either hit us at podkembla@iamfromdapto.com or on twitter with the hash tag: #ASKNUMSI with any questions for our resident expert on everything; @angrychefnumsi. “He’s like Gordon Ramsey, Dr Phil and Mr T in one dude..” I’m quoting myself now.. Yes, we’re THAT kind of podcast.


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Pod Kembla

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