Episode 78. Doesn’t make a cent with Troy and Arlin.


I hung out with Troy and Arlin at Troys studio last weekend. I’ve known Troy forever, we grew up just a few houses away and, along with our respective sisters, spent a fair bit of time together as young’ns having all kinds of adventures.. Then high-school happened. Some people thrive in that environment, some people don’t and others have no idea what is going on most of the time and bullshit their way through to ‘fit-in’ the best that they can. I’m of the third category persuasion.. At least I think I was, it was all a good while ago now. Hash tag; I’m old. Troy has always marched to the beat of his own drum, and that has led him to an existence where he creates things on a daily basis. His friend Rachel, who goes by the name Arlin when making music, joined us and we had a chat about their respective projects all whilst having a good old fashioned conversation jam session over a couple of cold beverages. Oh, and this picture was waiting for me when I arrived to record, drawn by the maestro Troy himself.

13442665_1034593973298397_2212263196792984737_o-2If you’re not familiar with either Troy or Arlin’s work be sure to check the links to their networks I’ve included below.

Troy Forrest: Facebook/Instagram

Arlin: Facebook/Instagram

Direct Download.



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