Episode 94. Nik Ranger of Dada Ono.


This week I had a chat with Nik Ranger of Melbourne band Dada Ono. Did we talk about music? Hell nawww! That would be too professional of me wouldn’t it? Be that as it may, we had a lovely chat about a bunch of things, but it all ends with Star Trek, cats and podcasts, which basically sums up my life. The music speaks for itself anyway, for which you’ll hear in the episode. You can go two better though, head over to their bandcamp page and get Dada Ono’s album “Granny Loves Smith”, and head out to Dicey Riley’s this Saturday night and see them in person if you happen to be in the Wollongong area. If not look out for Nik and Dada Ono in a town near you!

Keep up with all things Dada Ono below:






dada-ono-tour-poster blanc wollongong copy.jpg

Direct download.


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