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Episode 100. Brunette Lannisters / So énTIDAL.


Episode 100. Now it all makes sense.. Don’t call it a milestone.

S’Hershel and I hung out at the Commercial Hotel on a Sunday afternoon and reflected on things, with podcasting, life and whatever in between. We laughed, we sung and were joined by some random guy named Darryl (Port Kembla copped on).

Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page for when we’re having our semi regular Sunday sessions on Wentworth Street; the greatest street there is.

“Can I watch the end of the footy?”

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Episode 43. Tanook or expect some kind of spectacle.


I’m so, so late.. Yet again. I guess you could say I’m consistent in my lateness, well that’s how I’m spinning it.

The Nugg is live and direct from the land of Queen, and I’m where I always am. Ah the wonders of the internet.

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