Episode 39. …continued?


Nuggsey and Matt are back in full effect. There’s talk of bonsai (is that the correct plural use?), the nature of the universe, concert etiquitte and the worldwide reach of the Superbowl. It’s all over the place, just the way we like it.

The intro and outro music is from a German emcee called UMSE, off the album “Kunst Für Sich”, which translates to “Art in Itself”. It was released on German record label, Jakarta Records last year. I have no idea what he’s saying, but I love the shit out of it. I guess that makes me a flow strumpet.. I always knew I was a vain piece of shit. The beats are by a dude called Deckah, you can check his Soundcloud here–> https://soundcloud.com/deckahbeats

If you like the song at the end of this, and want to suss out some more from UMSE, Deckah and a plethora of other cool shit, head over to https://jakartarecords-label.bandcamp.com/music and peruse the fine selection they have up for offer.

Here’s a direct link to the UMSE album, via Jakarta Records.

The instrumental version of the album was released only a few weeks ago so there might be some vinyl still available.

Direct download. (right click, etc. etc.)


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