Episode 40. Ride the lightning.


I’m pissed off at NBC for not making the #SNL40 clips available worldwide, oh the humanity.

I’m also pissed off at everyone crying about Kanye West; you know the more you complain, the more power he wields right? It’s like that “Simpsons” episode where all the advertising billboards come to life and to get rid of them, Lisa writes an advertising jingle to stop the idiot masses from paying any attention to the giant donut man. KANYE IS YOUR GIANT DOUGHNUT MAN! But hey, it’s no icing off my pastry treat, I love the donut man.. And the doughnut man, I don’t discriminate.

Anyway, another episode that took ages to edit and upload because I’m a lazy piece of shit.

Direct download. (right click, save)


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