Episode 72. Float forever @ Cocoon Floatation.


Okay, this one has some backstory. Two years ago, Megan from Cocoon Floatation in Figtree contacted me after listening to this podcast and asked me if I would like to try out floating and podcasting about it. I think when I originally got the emails from her I thought she wanted me to podcast from inside the tank.. Yeah I know, a ridiculous notion, and how I came to that conclusion, I don’t know. Well I do know; I’m me and interpret things “creatively” sometimes.. Yeah, that’s a nice way of putting it. I guess actually podcasting from inside the tank is not entirely impossible, but after doing it I realise it would be probably counter productive to what you’re meant to get from floating.

Anyway, I flaked for a long time. At the time I hadn’t recorded the podcast for a while, a few months at least, and I’d convinced myself that I may have been done with podcasting, I was finding it hard to put myself out there, and the thought of going to this place and doing something like floating in salt water in a dark (albeit very spacious) tank and then talking about it freaked me out. Well, fast forward two years and I finally took the plunge for the first time in January, and I’ve been back another two times afterwards. This episode is me talking with Megan for about ten minutes after my second float, and then the remainder is Megan, myself and my sister talking post float after my third time. Why is it structured that way you ask? The simple answer is sometimes, I can’t grasp the simple basic operation of this audio recorder that I’ve owned and been using for four years now. If you listen, I’m sure I’ll over explain it even more. But hey, it was a great time every time I’ve been, and it’s one of those things worth trying. For me personally, I think I get something different every time. I’m looking forward to float four.

Thank-you so much to Megan and Cocoon for having my sister and myself over there, and for being so patient considering the procrastinating I carried on with in terms of actually getting there, and the technical difficulties that ensued once I finally did get my shit together. At the end of the day we got it done and I feel pretty chuffed with the finished product.

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