Episode 73. It’s not funny, it’s important. #shedmusic


Sean Sheap and S’Hershel* met me at the Charles Hotel in Fairy Meadow on a Sunday morning and we soaked in the glorious ambiance and had a chat. The Charles holds some significance for Sheap, which he goes into when we were sitting on the front courtyard, where we held court over the rest of the yard. The fact that we were the only ones there at the time isn’t important, we rocked that place… HARD! +Tom Gleeson voice+

Also, for anyone reading this the day of it’s release, my beautiful and talented wife Louise is a part of a photography exhibition called Paws For a Cause this Thursday night at Three Chimneys in Wollongong. It’s an animal photography exhibition and fundraiser sponsored by the great people at Three Chimneys and Symbio Wildlife Park wherein 10% of all photos sold will go to the charity of the purchasers choosing, which are as follows: WIRES, NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue & Education Service & WARN (Wollongong Animal Rescue Network). I’ll be there, I hope to see yawl there too. 

*fictional character

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