Episode 81. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why podiums were invented.


The Sheap is back! This time around Sean Sheap and I met up at Dicey Riley’s and talked a bunch of smack. Topics covered were the internet, hip hop culture and The Get Down, the downfall of Masters, other things and of course the internet. Yes, I wrote “the internet” twice. Now I’ve said it three times, and if I was to list it corresponding with the amount of times it comes up on the episode this post would be close to infinite. Oh, and I struggle with the word “plural” it seems, hash tag: #prural.

The documentary we were talking about, but couldn’t remember the name of is called “Fresh Dressed” and can be found here on Netflix.

We also talk about Sean’s friend @clay_by_bec who did some tremendous custom figurines for him, so if you’d like some of your own that’s where to go.

Last but not least, the Sheap has been uploading some videos on his Facebook page of late, showcasing his wizardry on the 1’s and 2’s, so if you’re not already on that or his online archiving of his vinyl collection go and get yourself acquainted!

Facebook: DJ Sean Sheap

Tumblr: allseansrecords.tumblr.com

Twitter: twitter.com/SeanSheap1

Instagram: instagram.com/seansheap/

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