Episode 82. The W@*%ing Dead. (Numsi returns.. Again!)


It’s been a minute, or to be more specific it’s been over twenty thousand minutes, since our last episode. This time Numsi and myself talked about his recent posting at The Smooth Festival of Chocolate at The Rocks in Sydney. Naturally, being that Numsi is a Melbourne food and drink guru, we talked about food and coffee along with our usual blend of smut peddling.

Now, in a few weeks (6th of November) the mighty-mighty Crate Diggers Collective are putting on the third Illawarra Record Fair for the year at , and yours truly along with the usual suspects will be there to talk a bit of shit and hang out. If you want to buy some records, have a club lunch or even talk some shit with us then come along and join the party! Follow the links and let’s get it on!


Direct Download.



Intro – Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman : Environmental Studies, from the mixtape “Lice”.

Mentioned – Akinyele : Put It In Your Mouth.

NOTE: I talk about how I’m trying to sell stuff on eBay, if you’re interested then take a look here–> eyewatch – eBay

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