Episode 83. Peter Langstaff meets me a Dicey’s.


Peter Langstaff is a really nice guy. Until very recently he was a part of the long running local music radio show “Doing it Locally” on VoxFM. On top of that, he plays and makes music too. A few weeks ago we met up at Dicey Riley’s to talk about music, podcasts, comedy and of course radio. In particular, community radio. On this episode, basically I come to terms with the fact that VoxFM is my ‘White Whale’, or in the podcast parlance; they are the Lorne Michaels to my Marc Maron.. Seeing that typed out makes me look pretty sad indeed! Nevertheless, this one was really fun because I got to chat to a guy I’ve heard of and know about, but never actually met and it was good times all round. Many thanks to Peter for taking the time out, and keep an eye out for his future endeavours be that of the musical nature, or the podcast variety. Links below. South Coast podcasting ya’ll, we’re making it happen! More on that later. Vulcan gang sign salutations!

Direct download.

Facebook: Peter Langstaff

Twitter: @peterlangstaff

Instagram: @peterlangstaff


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