Episode 84. Pocket motions in the Players Lounge with S’Hershel & Sean Sheap.


This weekend people! It’s here! The Crate Diggers Collective proudly presents the Illawarra Record Fair III, with colour commentary by us rapscallions at Pod Kembla! If you haven’t heard already, check the event info below, and also check out the exciting things that Sean Sheap and S’Hershel have happening with their ventures too!

On this episode we basically just talked a bunch of crap at the venue formally known as The Grand, then Cooneys and then The Grand once again, in sunny Wollongong on a Thursday afternoon. Hilarity, wrongness and non-sequesters ensued!

Direct Download.


Illawarra Record Fair III – https://www.facebook.com/events/1206507016058968/

Sean Sheap – https://www.facebook.com/DJ-Sean-Sheap-105319947491/?fref=ts

Masterblaster – https://www.facebook.com/MasterBlasterMusicGroup/?fref=ts

Intro –

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