Episode 85. That’s the name of the episode. (Back to the Record Fair Part 1)



Myself, Sean Sheap and S. Hershel Walker returned to the Illawarra Record Fair for the 3rd time this year and recorded TWO episodes. This is part one, where we were joined by Peter Langstaff and two former Vox FM alums in DJ Fury and Bruno the Bluesman, also known as Dr. Dust, according to Lord Lucifer. We neglected to actually clarify that, but it sounds cool. I always wanted a cool nickname, like Smokey, but it never took off. It’s not the same when you name yourself.

We took in the scenery, had some pub-grub and talked a colossal amount of codswallop about a bunch of things. As mentioned above, this is part one. It would always shit me when podcasts split up episodes into two parts, but I’d like to think we do it artfully.. Or that’s what I’m telling myself anyway. Plus you always end up becoming what you hate the most. It’s a fact of life.

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon…ish.

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Intro –

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