Episode 87. She’s a Poet.


The return!…. Again! This one has a loooong intro. Long. Sixteen minutes to be precise, including the song. A note on the intro song; it’s from the recently released RTJ3 by the mighty-mighty Run The Jewels and features Zach De La Rocha and it’s awesome.

I can’t remember if I dreamt this, or it’s actually a legitimate rumour, but I’ve heard somewhere that there’s a Zach De La Rocha solo album in the works with production handled entirely by El-P. I hope this is true, but there’s been infinite talk of a De La Rocha solo album over the years with only One Day As a Lion the only thing to closely resemble that. That all being said, if you haven’t heard any Run the Jewels, and this intro is your first exposure, then head over to https://runthejewels.com/music/ and cop all their shit for free. If you want to pay you can do that too.

So on this episode, Louise joins me just after we watched the Robert De Niro/Anne Hathaway starring vehicle, The Intern. Spoiler alert: I loved it. I’m a simple man it seems. We also reflected on 2016, discussed observing how different children do things in different ways and different timelines, and a whole lot of other tangents and non sequitur’s.

News: The Illawarra Music and Record Fair is returning in 2017! This time at City Diggers in Wollongong on Sunday May 7th. Head over to The Crate Diggers Collective‘s Facebook page for more info.

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