Episode 88. The 1st Annual Wollygong Poddies Meetup with Peter Langstaff.


Last month, myself and Peter Langstaff met up once again at the world famous Dicey Riley’s just before he embarked on his monthlong voyage around Australia following The Boss himself, John Cougar Mellencamp.. You’ll get that poor attempt at humour when you hear it. Anyway, as the Springsteen tour comes to a close, check in on Peter’s blog to read all about his adventures following one of his favourite artists all over the country. When Kid Rock does an Australia wide tour one day, I’ll be sure to follow in Peter’s footsteps.

ALSO! So, I’m ‘up for’ an award at the Castaway podcasting awards in April. Look, I’m no chance to win, Casefile has it sewn up by the looks of it, and rightfully so. But hey, if you’d like to help a brother out and sling a vote my way then follow this link: 

Thanks in advance!

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