Episode 89. Octominded with Andy Social Dowling (Post Float @ Cocoon: Part 2)


Crossover! Swapcast! Collaborayshun!!

Anyone who listens to this podcast knows who Andy is; the guy gets a mention nearly every episode. I’m sure I’m frightening him at this point.. Don’t tell him I said that!

On this one, we met at Cocoon Floatation a few weeks ago on a very warm Sunday morning for a float session at Cocoon Floatation. It was actually the night after the mighty-mighty Sean Sheap’s 40th, wherein my son showed far more charisma at not even the age of 2, than I’ve managed in my entire 33 years on this planet.. But that’s another story.

Andy and I recorded beforehand, which can be found by clicking here, and this is straight afterwards. Cocoon is a really cool place, and you couldn’t find a better Float Facilitator and purveyor of the good vibes than Megan. I implore you to check out Cocoon and The Andy Social Podcast if you’re not already privy. Other than that, vote marfucka! #vote

Direct Download.


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