Episode 90. Oozing club with Ben.


Long intro, even longer episode! On this one I met up with scholar, podcast producer and friend of mine, Ben, and we hung out at Port Kembla Leagues on a Saturday afternoon and discussed comics, Stephen King and the internet. With a few other things thrown in for good measure. If I wasn’t such a lazy man I’d have a number of links for you to click, everything mentioned on the episode in fact. Instead I thought I’d direct you to the podcasts Risky Business and Roguelike Radio, which for me were the big takeaways from this one. I love me a new podcast recommendation!

Oh, and read Ronin by Cranky Frank Miller. If that name hasn’t been used before (doubtful) then I claim it as my intellectual property by the power vested in me by posterous dot com. Remember them?

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